Mermaid | 8 feet tall | Edition of 6
Life Sized Dolphins
Life Sized Dolphins Pool
On The Hook
Teaser Bite
Wave Dancer
Under The Spinners | Edition of 12
Wave Runners
Looking For Water | Edition of 12
Live Free | Edition of 12
Eagle Rays

25"l x 22"w x 28"h | $8500

Water Buddies

9"l x 9"w x 20"h | $2100

Coming Up

12"l x 10"w x 14"h | $1800

Hooked Up

13"l x 13"w x 19"h | $4500

Triple Dolphins

15"l x 8"w x 16"h | $3500

Just Playing Through

19"l x 13"w x 21"h | $3900

Triple Threat

21"l x 14"w x 21"h | $5800


13"l x 13"w x 23"h | $3900

Two Dolphins

19"l x 11"w x 20"h | $4500

For Chad | Dolphins

24"l x 15"w x 19"h | $5700


10"l x 5"w x 8"h | $2800

Black Storm Rising

6"l x 6"w x 18"h | $1650

Double Take | Sold Out

30"l x 15"w x 20"h

Balling the Bait

30"l x 15"w x 22"h

Double Marlin | Sold Out

14"l x 18"w x 21"h

Double Sails | Sold Out

18"l x 14"w x 17"h

Tailwalker | Sold out

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